Percussionist, composer and musician
Progressive World Fusion, Alternative Dance, Underground ElectroFunk,
Ethnic Electroclash
Percussion workshops and instruction
Odd rhythms

Zaia is a European born Australian world fusion artist. She plays mysterious, suspenseful and underground dance music on an electronic marimba (MalletKat) with different sound samples.

She is a melodic and rhythmic percussionist and has played with several different music projects in Australia and overseas.

Playing music helped heal her from illness and she hopes to inspire others to play. She conducts classes and workshops and would love for her music to nurture people globally.

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Album “Breaking Barriers”

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Zaia’s whole food recipes

Zaia's recipe bookWith 70 recipes for preparing, preserving and eating your homegrown produce.

After raving reviews from students and volunteers about her food, Zaia put together a book with recipes, cooking hints and more. Buy your digital copy now for only $7!

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