Re-release of Breaking Barriers

Hi everyone!

After a few years of really focusing on our Permaculture Farm, to the extend of us now being able to feed ourselves from the farm, this year (2018) Tom and I decided I need to focus more on my music.

The year started great, we were at Woodford and once again I led the percussion section of the People’s Orchestra and had a lot of fun playing in the Opening Ceremony and playing and directing my crew in the Fire Event!

When I came home and after we ran a Permaculture Design Certificate course I had to cook for, I decided to re-brand and re-release my Breaking Barriers CD with new cover art and under my own name. I am starting to promote the CD more widely and am gathering support from a wider audience by learning more about marketing and promoting my music online. I always thought that you had to be a touring artist to be successful, and as we have our farm and I cannot tour, I did not think I would be able to sell many CDs. But I came across a program which seems to make it possible, so here I go!

I am excited to be able to offer Breaking Barriers to the world, and will be working on other compositions and musical pieces this year. I would love for people all around the world to dance to and enjoy my music! I will keep updating this site with the goings on, progress, performances and appearances I may have with my various projects! Thanks for your support, please click here if you would like to keep supporting me and are keen to become a VIP supporter!

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